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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Let's talk about sex

The truth is that there are no books, no manuals, or stories, or videos, or photos, which teach us to make love with a woman ... to relate better with those who love or accept certain things in life, people or even ourselves ... because at the moment of truth against the danger these alone and with our hearts to one thousand per hour.

One of those things I have too, is that there is almost total ignorance of lesbian sexuality, which seems to be relegated to the porn films for heterosexual men. And another thing that I can not stand is people who cree that lesbians can not achieve orgasm ... You know what? Has neither IDEAAA!

Besides the more sad is that if sex is for those people, then having orgasms million married women with children and have never had sex.

However, we will try to talk about everything that we need to know to get started this way ... and something to be informed or aware.

Here we go, we will start with something soft:


In the case of an intimate dinner, do not hesitate to resort to the traditional details may seem silly but are very effective, even when your girl says it is not for you like this, is lie, love and melt like:

What could be more romantic than a bouquet of flowers, a dinner at the restaurant of choice, embrace the warmth of a fireplace crisp, strolling hand in hand along the beach, leave notes of love or desire of affection in unsuspected places, guitars, wine and candles, breakfast in bed and kisses stolen in an elevator? whisper something sexy to your ear, in the midst of the people?

Maybe she has the whim of making love on a bed covered with rose petals, or why not?, Dressed in leather cladding. Tastes and preferences as there are so many people in the world. Take time to detail romantic. Imagine that surprise would you give if, after a hard day's work, arriving very tired and you encounter super sexy lingerie on a bed of clean sheets, with a smile from ear to ear and not something that failure is never a sexy dance, or a Strepto to remove tension and stress of the day.

The romantic gesture comes at the place where the imagination and affection are. And if you lack imagination, the traditional cliches serve.


It is true that not all women like that embrace nothing in this world that pleasing to all, but for the vast majority and I include myself, we love, hugs are easily confused with sex and sighs.

The hugs can be included in the preliminary games and in the Post-liminares, or just because another.

Hug and eager after work helps to download the stress of the day.
Doing so while watching TV makes what you're seeing is better than it is, talk and hug, is a delight.

One of the biggest advantages offered him fact embrace with another woman, there is no pressure direct path to gender in their experiences with men could not expect a hug without which it will continue penetration. When the embrace is the preliminary to sex, everything becomes more gentle, flowing more naturally and with their time.

When you embrace after making love is the total backwater, feels that nothing bad can happen at that time that the world could fall but neither we learned, you feel safe in his arms and fall asleep intertwined for quite some time.

That is something that is enjoyed ... and you believe that?

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